The magic of “film”. | Perpetual Films
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The magic of “film”.

We’re called Perpetual Films, and I tell people that I make films – but in fact I haven’t touched a piece of 35mm or 16mm silver halide coated acetate for years. Like all production companies outside of the feature film and upmarket commercials sectors I shoot and edit video, or digital.

But video is a horrible, cheap sounding word and digital is even blander.

Whereas film connotes quality, beauty, craftsmanship, drama and glamour (!)

I’ve been around so long that I really have used film, as a film editor, director and producer, in many BBC documentaries. I love the feel and touch of it, and that’s why my company logo is a reel of film.

And I hope that the logo and the name of my company help clients to understand that I put real care and craft into my work – to make my videos look like real films.